L.A. South Bay Futbol Club is a non-profit educational and training organization dedicated to providing the absolute best soccer instruction and character-building experience for Amateurs competitive and recreational youth soccer players ages 5 and up and been supported by the Families.

L.A. South Bay Futbol Club was founded originally as Inglewood California with the Macolo Youth Soccer League in 2000, partnering with Semi-professional Liga California y La Liga Mexico, L.A. South Bay Futbol Club by Mario Sanchez, whose vision is to establish the most thorough soccer development program in Los Angeles South Bay Area. His foresight and organizational abilities have been complemented by the addition of a complete staff of expert coaches and trainers the tireless efforts of numerous volunteers, and the determination of its youth players have elevated L.A. South Bay Futbol Club as one of the premier soccer clubs up incoming in the State & Country

L.A. South Bay Futbol Club was established in 2001 for the specific purpose of developing a competitive youth soccer program whose goals are to achieve state, regional, and national championship titles, as well as developing players not only in soccer but in other areas as well capable of receiving college scholarships based on their playing ability working and Academic Skills and academic achievement. The club now takes pride in having programs to develop throughout the South Bay Schools, and  players for the next level of the game and to assist them in pursuing professional soccer careers in the US and Abroad.

Meet the Team

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Mario Sanchez

Founder & CEO

Mario Sanchez has been helping L.A. South Bay community since 2001


Paul Butterfield

Head Coach

Coach has been helping the L.A. South Bay Region Since 1995


Nahoul Gonzalez

International CFO

Nahoul Gonzalez has been helping the L.A. South Bay Region Since 2010.

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