After School

Our Organization can help you by provide a professional coach for you or your school.

During School

Our Organization can help you with an instructional Physical Trainer that can manage up to 50 kids per Class.


Our Organization can help you with manage of you schools soccer league or tournament:  administrate schedules, provide coaches, fundraise, bilingual parent engagement and more.


Closing the education gap at Public schools through organize sports.


How us parents and alumni are making the difference in the jewel of the L.A. South Bay area in 2017. A group of young educator, Principals, senior staff and Key Staff got together and created a pilot program which consists in 14 local elementary schools, 4 Middle Schools and district to participate in a soccer tournament. The Academic Athletic Incentive program was created here in Inglewood California. Under Morningside High School PTSA back in 2004. But now is an independent organization under the after school program to help our youth, Alumni, and Community to reach their Goals in pursuit of Happiness.

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L.A. South Bay Monsters F.C. is a community partnership brought to life by educators, coaches, residents, and community-based organizations living and working in the L.A. South Bay region and nearby L.A. Cities.

The goal of the L.A. South Bay Monsters F.C is to:


  • Improve the quality of life for the L.A. South Bay Community – especially the children
  • Develop positive relationships among L.A. South Bay multi-racial and multi-cultural communities
  • Reduce gang activity in our neighborhoods
  • Make our schools more attractive to the public
  • Increase college-going rates for Elementary, Middle, and our High Schools in the L.A. South Bay region
  • Improve student academic achievement – especially on standardized tests
  • Minimize dropout rates at our Middle, and High Schools
  • Reduce obesity in our area
  • Promote health and fitness

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